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Overview of the Naptha Stack

The Naptha stack is made up of the Naptha SDK, Naptha Nodes and the Naptha Hub.

Naptha SDK

The Naptha SDK is used for prototyping and running decentralized AI apps, including workflows, agents and multi-agent systems. It also contains a CLI for interacting with Naptha Nodes and the Naptha Hub.

Naptha Node

Naptha Nodes are where the code of the decentralized AI apps executes. Naptha Nodes are made up of orchestrator and worker components. The orchestrator is composed primarily of a server, task queue, and database. There are various types of workers, currently package worker and docker worker, which make use of a local LLM and module manager.

Naptha Hub

The Naptha Hub is made up of a registry and storage for modules, a registry for nodes, and a registry for tasks. Currently, we use a centralized database as the registries, and HuggingFace and GitHub for storing the code of Naptha modules. Using on-chain registries and decentralized storage will soon be supported.